Rubber Therapy

Update: 2018-01-17 / Rubber Therapy

The rubber therapy of patient Fetilicious goes into the next level. She has to sit on a special gyn chair which is prepared with a screw machine. The Gloria female mask hid her bashfulness. The nurses Monica and Jacline has to control the lubrication and the speed for the rubber dildo.

Clinic Dollsuit

Update: 2018-01-06 / Clinic Dollsuit

At the Rubbersisters clinic they are always rubber dolls around. In this specialised rubber doll clinic they have another version of doll suits now for the patients to wear. Monica is demonstrating the new look in different session situations.

Red Love

Update: 2017-12-27 / Red Love

Santa Claus has brought Monica new lingerie in her favorit colour red and baby pink. She loves this colours especially if they are transparent. Also she got a new dress, what she will show you next year. Stay tuned!

Jail Visitor

Update: 2017-12-16 / Jail Visitor

Monica is visiting her girlfriend Jacline at the Femdom jail. Minder Roxanne encourage the girls to do something illegal. Suddenly the peaceful situation change and innocent Monica get involved in the punishment from prison officer Mephista.

Orgasm Therapy 2

Update: 2017-12-06 / Orgasm Therapy 2

At the next day the therapy of patient Fetilicious goes further. She has to lay down on a gyn chair entirely sealed in rubber. The female mask hid her bashfulness. The special chair is prepared with a impulse machine. The Rubbersisters has to reassure the girl to get the best result.

Orgasm Therapy

Update: 2017-11-25 / Orgasm Therapy

At the Rubbersisters hospital they offer special orgasm treatments for woman. Patient Fetilicious has to look rubber clinic films all day to keep her horny. Sister Monica and Jacline guide her patients and dress them for a new therapy day.

Rubber Girlfriend

Update: 2017-11-15 / Rubber Girlfriend

Miss Fetilicious is visiting her girlfriend Lady Monica. The girls love to wear latex clothing. This shiny material really turn the girls on. They can not stop touching each other. The fingers go everywhere and further...

Pony Girls

Update: 2017-11-04 / Pony Girls

two Rubbersisters pony girls allowed to stay at the fireplace room during the cold season. Pony Jacline and Mary enjoy the heat and play together. They do not only practise pony behavior.

Hot Rubber

Update: 2017-10-25 / Hot Rubber

Monica and Honeyhair decided to drive to the popular Boundcon exhibition by car. They dressed themself in black shiny rubber and take a sporty black porsche. The girls arrived not only with hot tyres. Photos:

Disturbed Play 2

Update: 2017-10-14 / Disturbed Play 2

Monica detected the pervy girl Liz at the door watching and masturbating. This naughty girl cries for punishment. Jacline is not thinking twice and lock her in a chastity belt. Now the Rubbersisters tease and watch her.