Red Clinic

Update: 2018-08-04 / Red Clinic

Jacline is sitting on a gyno chair to get a checkup! These 2 transparent and red rubber lovers doing some dildo experiments. Monica feels up her wet pussy and loves to play with her real rubberdoll. Photos: Peter Felix Kurtz

Summertime 2

Update: 2018-07-25 / Summertime 2

Captain Jacline steers the boat across the Attersee lake to a nice coffee shop. Monica goes very confident through the pedestrian zone. Nobody recognizes does a man is fully transformend into a woman. The public passing with the new Moniquin bodysuit work perfect.


Update: 2018-07-14 / Wedding

Monicas dream comes true, she got married on a beautiful day at a lovely castle in Munich. Her loving female bridegroom Jolie was very excited and careful with her bride. The newlyweds got plenty of attention and many good wish for the future.

Heavy Rubber

Update: 2018-07-04 / Heavy Rubber

3 rubber girls addicted to gas masks, dildos and shiny black rubber, was bound together to restrain her movements. The holes was filled with dildos. They had to keep her breath under control, because the balloons did not allow big excitments. Models: Monica, Jacline and Aline


Update: 2018-06-23 / Summertime

The cold season is over and Monica would like to do a boot trip. She still wears her warm coat because it is cloudy and cold outside. After she enters the boot from captain Jacline the weather changes and the sun starts to shine.

Conventual 2

Update: 2018-06-13 / Conventual 2

After a long rubberrised day the convent sisters Jacline and Mary going into her bedchamber. They are horny and they want start to satisfy themselves. In this moment priorin Monica enters the room and punishes the naughty sisters.


Update: 2018-06-02 / Bridesmaid

Monica is going to married soon and her bridesmaid Mary Jale is helping her to get dressed. The wedding dress fits her just perfect. The girls enter the cathedral and get ready for the ceremony.


Update: 2018-05-23 / Conventual

At the Rubbersisters convent priorin Monica get dressed from subservient Mary Jale. This naughty sister gets always very horny when she has to touch her colonel. But without her priorins permission she is not allowed to touch her.

Sex Change

Update: 2018-05-02 / Sex Change

To change your sex for a few hours is a very exciting experience. Our experimentee Susi had the opportunity to get fully transformed with a complete silicone 2nd-skin suit and a Gloria female mask. She did not want to change back.


Update: 2018-03-31 / Experience

Monica and Jacline enables your one male to female transformation in a very relaxed enviroment. To experience you live incarnation will give you a new understanding of yourself. Enjoy the exciting feeling to be a real Rubbersisters. Photographer: Corinna Kern