Rubber Madhouse 2

Update: 2018-04-21 / Rubber Madhouse 2

Baroness Davina Dust and Jacline put the suspicious latex patient into a straight jacket. Now she is completely under their control. After a while they leave her alone, totally restricted. All of a sudden another patient enters the room, crazy Monica.

Transparent Love Dolls

Update: 2018-04-20 / Transparent Love Dolls

transparent rubber coated dolls enjoy the latex around them. They get into their rubber passion and take the chance playing together a kinky game, with only one goal, that everyone of them gets satisfied. Models: Monica, Jacline and Shinyaline

Rubber Madhouse

Update: 2018-04-11 / Rubber Madhouse

The Baroness is following a track to the Rubbersisters Madhouse to get more informations of Mr. Kayne. Inmate Mary Jale seams to have useful informations, so she get tied and goad to speak. Nurse and wardress Jacline knows exactly how to get her secrets.


Update: 2018-03-31 / Experience

Monica and Jacline enables your one male to female transformation in a very relaxed enviroment. To experience you live incarnation will give you a new understanding of yourself. Enjoy the exciting feeling to be a real Rubbersisters. Photographer: Corinna Kern

Mask Addicted

Update: 2018-03-21 / Mask Addicted

At the RS clinic Comtesse Larissa is training her attendees in wearing masks. A heavy rubber slave has to breath her private aroma and Jacline has to control her breath during a dildo treatment. Monica's breath got restricted through a small latex air bag during her walk training.

Hair Stylist

Update: 2018-03-10 / Hair Stylist

After Monica's beauty bath she get dressed up with sexy white underwear and high heels. Maid and hair stylist Mary Jale is doing her hair for an upcomming special event. Her long blond hairs get coiled and pinned up. Monica is already very exited how she will looks like.

Beauty Bath

Update: 2018-02-28 / Beauty Bath

Mary Jale is preparing a beauty bath for Monica. She helps her to get washed everywhere. While the naked girl is relaxing, her maid Mary gets turned on from the new Moniquin suit and she is not holding back with her passion.


Update: 2018-02-17 / Fitness

For the upcoming spring Monica starts her fitness program to get properly in shape. She runs on a treadmill, lift weights and practice ballet. She really struggles to keep her boobs under control.


Update: 2018-02-07 / Poolside

After a long day fully dressed in latex the girls decided to go into the garden to take a cold drink. The fantastic pool invide Monica, Jacline and Comtesse Larissa to cool down their rubber skin. Just see how they heat up again after the bath.

Rubber Villa

Update: 2018-01-27 / Rubber Villa

The Rubbersisters get invited to a beautiful rubber villa in Costa Rica. Comtesse Larissa is showing the girls around. All day long they wear latex and enjoy the peaceful and tropical place. Only females are allowed to enter this house.